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April 2021
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Guest Erika Hall joins us to discuss Omaha's strange obsession with massive private fireworks shows, what it's like to march in a July 4 parade dressed like Dolly Parton, various sorts of urban wildlife, and top-shelf moonshine.

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With special guest playwright Beaufield Berry. We discuss her play "Pyscho Ex-Girlfriend," some recent adventures she has had with transportation, a commercial Bunny made set during the Korean war, and the rerelease of the cult classic book "Chocolates for Breakfast," which Bunny had a susprising hand in.

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Guest Tim Siragusa joins Bunny and Coco to discuss horror-themed plays, doing terrible things in new bars, and the unexpected animals that live near Bunny and Coco.

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Bunny and Coco return with guest Teri Fender. This week they discuss trains, hobos, flapper drinks, and the weather.

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Bunny and Coco talk with Omaha filmmaker Matthew Eledge about his short "St. Lucys Home for Girls Raised by Wolves." Artist, playwright and performer Tim Siragusa gives a tour of the Hot Shops "Pulled from the Matrix" regional printmaker show. Plus: Help us build an audience!

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Bunny and Coco visit the supposedly haunted Lynch Park, look at dogs in costumes, attend a collection of Poe stories staged like a haunted house, and puzzle about a photo of a robot in Council Bluffs.

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Bunny and Coco attended the local filmmakers show at Film Streams and talk to filmmaker Charles Fairbanks, who directed a documentary about Mexican wrestling. They also watch a production of The Bad Seed starring Stella Ehrhart, a third-grader who has made national news for dressing as a historical woman almost every single schoolday; she explains her fashion choices. The pair interview author David P. Murphy, who writes books about (and for!) zombies. And, finally, Bunny and Coco try to get to the bottom of the legend of a haunted staircase at Hummel Park.

Bunny and Coco visit The Black Angel, and imposing (and supposedly haunted) sculpture in a Council Bluffs cemetery. Also: vanity license plates, more scalps, and a group of Omaha artists put on The Sh*tshow, a collection of underground and subersive pieces that also works as a rather wild party. Finally, a puzzled bulldog.

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Bunny and Coco visit the General Crook House Museum on the Fort Dodge campus of Metro Community College and try to find somebody who can confirm rumors of its hauntings; they accompany the Douglas County Historical Society on a tour of area graveyards; they watch tracks get repaired and they rescue an unwilling opossum.

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Bunny and Coco march in the River City Roundup Parade, and then a whole series of Halloween events: A visit to a barbershop decorated with memorabilia from a 1970s horror host, a zombie calendar girl, and a walk through a haunted house with Kyra Schon and George Kosana of "Night of the Living Dead."

Bunny and Coco join writer/playwright Kevin Lawler for part of his three-day, 70-mile walk around the perimeter of Omaha. They discuss the Gold Spike monument in Council Bluffs and the origin of the band name 311.

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Bunny and Coco revisit an especially full week in Omaha, including attending the Polka Hall of Fame induction event at Sokol Auditorium and participating in the Grito de Dolores parade in South Omaha. Also this week's myth or fact: Was the ski lift invented in Omaha?

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This week Bunny and Coco interview special guests Toxie, a band out of Memphis; they also discuss the human scalp found at an Omaha library and the Omaha millionaire who had a legendary, year-long gambling stint in Las Vegas.

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Bunny and Coco take to the road, following the old Route 66 from Hollywood to Omaha. Along the way, they sample strange foods, discuss whether the Japanese bombed Omaha's Dundee neighborhood during WWII, and unconver the kidnapping of the son of an Omaha businessman as being part of the secret history of the start of Hollywood.

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Bunny and Coco talk with filmmaker Dan Mirvis about "omaha: the movie" and his new film "Between Us," as well as the Sundance Festival, accidentally pranking the press, and the Hathaway Effect. Also discussed: The Brando hot dog at Pink's in Los Angeles and Council Bluff's strange protectiveness toward their black squirrels.

Bunny and Coco talk with guest James Marshall Crotty about Monk magazine, his Forbes column, and Omaha in the 1970s. Also: The Reuben sandwich and an angry phone call from filmmaker Alexander Payne.

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Bunny and Coco interview actress Abbie Cobb of Suburgatory, NCIS Los Angeles, And American Teenager, as well as discussing the Nebraskan that started Culver City and the strange rumors about Albinos in Hummel Park.

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